Horse Barns

At Bentley Horse Barns we can build your dream stable with wood from your own property. Want to find out more? Give us a call.

Bentley Horse Barns was founded in 1991 in order to fulfill the barn building, remodeling and maintenance needs of the Southeast Equestrian Communities. The last 20 years have provided us with an unsurpassed level of experience in our field, setting us apart from all competitors.
We take immense pride in our work and continuously strive to provide the absolute best equestrian facilities for riders and horses alike. The demands of horse owners and industry often require more than just the construction of simple horse barns. More than ever before, people are seeking to provide their horses with the most excellent and comfortable equine living quarters. We focus in great detail on the individual needs and desires of our clients.
Founder Brett Bentley's personal love for horses has enabled him to set himself and his company apart from those who merely build horse barns. He has managed to gain an outstanding reputation. He has forged long lasting bonds with many individuals and organizations throughout the equestrian riding community. We are one of the premiere resources in our field and are looking forward to serving you and your horses, with more than just a horse barn.